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Asking the question does antifreeze keep water from freezing is an example of?
a) forming a hypothesis
b) making observations
c) stating a conclusion
d) performing an experiment

The scientific method
a) is an approach to problem solving that always results in a correct answer
b) is a systematic approach to problem solving
c) is used by everyone who tries to solve a problem
d) of problem solving starts with a conclusion

A scientific law
a) is accepted as true, even though future discoveries may result in a change in the law
b) is based on scientifically proven fact and cannot be changed
c) is a statement of opinion by a highly respected scientist
d) is always changed after a few years

A hypothesis is formed
a) before the problem is stated
b) before an experiment
c) after the conclusion
d) after analysis of the data

The rope measures 22 cm is a?
a) fact
b) theory
c) inference
d) none of these

You are acting like a scientist when you
a) observe the world around you
b) read several books on science
c) become a science teacher
d) any time you think

The curved surface of a liquid in a container is called
a) the abscissa
b) the ordinate
c) the meniscus
d) convex

Is the force of gravity pulling down on an object
a) mass
b) volume
c) weight
d) area

The make-up of the gases in air would be best represented by
a) pie chart
b) bar graph
c) line graph
d) variable graph

Who developed the metric system
a) British
b) French
c) Germans
d) Americans

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