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1. Who’s Book persuaded the delegates to break away from England?
a) George Washington
b) Ben Franklin
c) Thomas Paine
d) John Locke

2. Who’s philosophy did Thomas Jefferson use in writing the Declaration of Independence?
a) George Washington
b) Ben Franklin
c) Thomas Paine
d) John Locke

1. What document laid the model for the US Constitution?
a) Magna Carta
b) English Bill of Rights
c) Massachusetts Constitution
d) Declaration of Independece

1. What state was the first to organize and construct their state constitution?
a) Virginia
b) Maryland
c) New Hampshire
d) Rhode Island

2. Who did the nobles force to sign the Magna Carta in 12 15?
a) King George III
b) King John
c) King James III
d) King Henry

Who was elected to preside over the Constitutional Convention?
a) George Washington
b) James Madison
c) David Crockett
d) Benjamin Franklin

Which plan called for a one house legislature where each house would be equally represented?
a) Virgina Plan
b) Checks and Balances
c) New Jersey Plan
d) Great Compromise

Type of government where people share in governing and being governed.
a) Dictatorship
b) Representative Democracy
c) Direct Democracy
d) democracy

What event gave Parliament power over all?
a) Great Depression
b) Revolutionary War
c) Glorious Revolution
d) Magna Carta

What document said no one could live above the law not even the King or Queen.
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Constitution
c) Magna Cart
d) Mayflower Compact

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