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Is the coldest possible temperature
a) 0˙ degrees Celsius
b) Antarctic
c) absolute zero
d) none of these

The volume of a regular solid is measured in
a) milliliters
b) cm³
c) grams
d) meter

A unit of length in the metric system is the
a) liter
b) kilometer
c) kiloliter
d) gram

Volume is a
a) measure of mass
b) measure of quality
c) measure of length
d) measure of the amount of space an object occupies

The base unit for volume is the
a) liter
b) meter
c) gram
d) zenon

A milliliter is equivalent in volume in to one
a) square centimeter
b) cubic centimeter
c) liter
d) kilogram

On the Celsius temperature scale
a) water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius
b) water boils at 0 degrees Celsius
c) water freezes at 37 degrees Celsius
d) water boils at 212 degrees Celsius

Mass is best defined as the
a) size of an object
b) amount of matter in an object
c) density of an object
d) weight of an object

Convert 300 Kelvin to Celsius
a) 573ْ Celsius
b) 100ْ Celsius
c) 27ْ Celsius
d) 100 Kelvin

The Greek word metron means
a) to wonder
b) to stare
c) to know
d) to measure

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