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Ferb pulls his hand away from a hot pot handle on the stove. This is an example of which of the five characteristics of all living things?
a) growth
b) respond to stimulus/environment
c) resproduce
d) use energy

What structures are present in plant cells but NOT in animal cells?
a) ribosomes and mitochondria
b) nucleus and cell membrane
c) chromosomes and nucleus
d) cell wall and chloroplast

The function of the mitochondria is:
a) to get rid of cell waste
b) to produce energy for the cell
c) to provide structure and support to the cell membrane
d) to store food, water, and waste

Which statement is true?
a) only plant cells perform cellular respiration
b) only animal cells perform cellular respiration
c) both plants and animals perform cellular respiration, but only animal cells perform photosynthesis
d) both plants and animals perform cellular respiration, but only plant cells perform photosynthesis

Which of the following organisms are prokaryotic?
a) bacteria
b) plants
c) animals
d) fungi

Calculate the volume of an object that has length of 4 cm, width of 2 cm, and height of 3 cm?
a) 9 cm
b) 24 cm
c) 9 cm3
d) 24 cm3

Area is the measurement of how much ______________ something has.
a) surface
b) space
c) matter
d) distance

what is released during photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide and sunlight
b) sunlight and water
c) water and energy
d) glucose and oxygen

All of the following are true about the prokaryotic cell EXCEPT:
a) DNA is located in the middle of the cell
b) Only bacteria
c) Does not contain a nucleus
d) are bacteria and animal cells

Which organelle is responsible for producing energy through cellular respiration?
a) chloroplast
b) mitochondria
c) nucleus
d) ribosomes

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