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What organelle is a semi-liquid that fills up the volume of the cell?
a) cytoplasm
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplast
d) centriole

What organelle(s) are membranes or canals that transport molecules?
a) cell membrane
b) nuclear pore
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) golgi apparatus

What are green organelles; that transform light energy into chemical energy in the form of food?
a) cell wall
b) chloroplast
c) cell membrane
d) chromatin

What organelle contains digestive enzymes and breaks down worn out or excess cell parts?
a) lysosome
b) chromatin
c) centriole
d) nucleolus

What organelle helps during cell division and is found only in animal cells?
a) chloroplast
b) chromatin
c) cytoplasm
d) centriole

What organelle breaks down glucose to release energy for cell function?
a) cell wall
b) nuclear pore
c) mitochondria
d) nucleus

What organelle(s) provides protection and support for plant and bacteria cells
a) cell membrane
b) cell wall
c) nucleus
d) golgi apparatus

What organelle(s) sorts and packages proteins?
a) golgi apparatus
b) endoplasmic reticulum
c) vacuole
d) ribosomes

What organelle is the smallest and is where proteins are made?
a) nucleus
b) vacuole
c) ribosomes
d) centrioles

What organelle(s) regulate what enters and leaves the cell and also maintains homeostasis?
a) endoplasmic reticulum
b) nuclear membrane
c) cell membrane
d) chloroplast

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