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What type of region is organized by weather patterns over time?
a) Climate
b) Physical
c) Political
d) Cultural

What type of region includes language, religion, and ethnic heritage?
a) Cultural
b) Physical
c) Political
d) Climate

What type of region has to do with landforms?
a) Climate
b) Physical
c) Political
d) Cultural

What type of region is determined by governments?
a) Climate
b) Physical
c) Political
d) Cultural

What is the imaginary line which runs east and west at the center of the earth?
a) Equator
b) Tropic of Capricorn
c) Prime Meridian
d) Tropic of Cancer

What are the lines which run north and south on the globe?
a) longitude
b) scales
c) equators
d) latitude

What are ways of living that people practice regularly over time?
a) Customs
b) Traits
c) Modes
d) Reports

What is an area with common features which set it apart from other areas?
a) Region
b) Area
c) Population
d) Geography

What is the unit of measurement which describes distances between parallels?
a) Degree
b) Point
c) Altitude
d) Meridian

What is the term for the study of earth?
a) Geography
b) Anthropology
c) Culture
d) Regions

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