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Convert 789 grams to kilograms.
a) 7.89 kg
b) 0.789 kg
c) 78.9 kg
d) 0.0789 kg

Sam is going to give the cat its medicine. The bottle says to give the cat 1.5 mL of medicine. Sam only has a device that measures cL. How many cL should Sam give the cat?
a) 0.15 cL
b) 0.015 cL
c) 1.5 cL
d) 15 cL

How many decimeters are in one meter?
a) 1000
b) 100
c) 10
d) 1

Convert 80 milliliters to liters.
a) 0.08 L
b) 800 L
c) 8 L
d) 0.008 L

_________ meters = 17 mm
a) 170 m
b) 1.7 m
c) 0.17 m
d) 0.017 m

Convert 77 decigrams to milligrams.
a) 77000 mg
b) 7700 mg
c) 770 mg
d) 7.7 mg

Caitlyn is going on a hiking trip. The guide says to bring at least 5000 mL of water. How many liters is that?
a) 5
b) 50
c) 500
d) 0.5

How many hectograms in one centigram?
a) 0.0001
b) 0.001
c) 10
d) 1000

___________ daL = 54 L
a) 0.054 daL
b) 0.54 daL
c) 5.4 daL
d) 540 daL

Ed's mom told him to buy 26 kilograms of potatoes. The store only sells them in grams. How many grams should he buy?
a) 26000
b) 2600
c) 2.6
d) 0.26

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