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I can
a) puedo
b) pone
c) puede
d) pongo

she thinks
a) pensar
b) piensas
c) piensan
d) piensa

I play (a sport)
a) juegas
b) juego
c) juegan
d) juega

I ask for
a) pido
b) pides
c) pedir
d) piden

a) she eats lunch
b) I eat lunch
c) they eat lunch
d) we eat lunch

a) I prefer
b) I repeat
c) I can
d) I eat lunch

A verb that is not an O to UE stem changer is
a) almorzar
b) preferir
c) dormir
d) jugar

She asks for
a) pedir
b) piden
c) pede
d) pide

A verb that does not mean to begin is
a) comenzar
b) empezar
c) bailar

Present tense stem changing verbs don't change in the
a) yo form
b) ella form
c) ellos form
d) nosotros form

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