Unit One Test Question Preview (ID: 7000)

Sample Test Of Microscope Observations. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The larva monsters that we\\\'ve seen have been about 2,000 microns. How big is that compared to your avatar?
a) Like an orca would be to us.
b) About like a 3 or four foot snake.
c) Football length.
d) LIke a Chinese dragon in a parade.

How long is the pointer at medium power?
a) 30 microns
b) 850 microns
c) 10 microns
d) 2,200 microns

What kingdom are paramecia and amoeba in?
a) protist
b) animal
c) plant
d) fungus

How tall is an avatar?
a) 3,750 microns
b) 100 microns
c) 3,750 millimeters
d) 3,750 meters

1 millimeter = how many microns?
a) 1/1000
b) 1/100
c) 10
d) 1000

If an object was 100 microns tall, about how big would it be to an avatar?
a) Like pepper grains
b) almost baseball size
c) basketball
d) a car

What do paramecia use to move around so fast?
a) pseudopods
b) cilia
c) flagella
d) they squirt water

Is the statement,\\
a) observation
b) Inference

What do you call an observation that uses numbers/amounts?
a) qualitative
b) quantitatiive
c) comparison
d) inference

If I mentioned the color of an object, what kind of observation would that be?
a) Qualitative
b) Quantitiative

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