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Which foods would you want to eat that would get you the most amount of roughage?
a) Macaroni and Cheese
b) Slice of pepperoni pizza
c) Sandwich made on white bread with turkey and cheese
d) A side order of mixed vegetables

Tiny hair like projections that increase the surface area of your small intestine are called what?
a) Villi
b) Enzymes
c) Gall Stones
d) Proteases

Water Re-absorbtion occurs in which organ?
a) Large Intestine
b) Stomach
c) Large and Small Intestine
d) Small Intestine

Chemical digestion on carbohydrates begins by the secretion from what?
a) Salivary glands
b) Epiglottis
c) Pharynx
d) Esophagus

This flap of skin and cartilage closes off the trachae during swallowing
a) Epiglottis
b) Peristalsis
c) Esophagus
d) Pharynx

Proteases function in which organ?
a) Stomach
b) Esophagus
c) Gall Bladder
d) Pancreas

Particles of food are moved along the digestive tract due to what muscular movement?
a) Peristalsis
b) Intracellular Digestion
c) Extracellular Digestion
d) Diffusion

The stomach engages in what process related to digestion?
a) Extracellular digestion
b) Intracellular Digestion
c) Mechanical Digestion
d) Ingestion

If a person is suffering from diarrhea it is because...
a) Their large intestine did not absorb enough water
b) Their small intestine did absorb enough water
c) Their large intestine absorbed too much water.
d) Their small intestine absorbed too much water.

Which nutrient can be absorbed into the bloodstream without first being digested?
a) Vitamins
b) Proteins
c) Carbohydrates
d) Lipids

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