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Deals With The Differences Between Observations And Inferences. Prompts Students To Determine Which Statement Is An Inference. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In order to make observations, an observer must always use
a) the senses
b) experiments
c) proportions
d) mathematical calculations

Using a ruler to measure the length of a stick is an example of
a) extending the sense of sight by using an instrument
b) calculating the percent of error by using a proportion
c) measuring the rate of change of the stick by making inferences
d) predicting the length of the stick by guessing

Which action can be performed most accurately using only the human senses?
a) counting 28 shells from a beach
b) measuring the air pressure of a room
c) adding 10 grams of salt to a cup of water
d) tearing a sheet of paper into squares whose sides measure 1 centimeter

Which statement made by a student after examining a rock specimen is an inference?
a) The rock is of igneous origin.
b) The rock has rounded edges.
c) The rock is light-colored.
d) The rock contains large crystals.

Which statement about a cumulus cloud seen over Syracuse, N.Y., is an inference?
a) The cloud formed over Lake Ontario.
b) The base of the cloud is determined to be 2.6 km above the ground.
c) The cloud has an irregular shape.
d) The cloud appears white.

An interpretation based upon an observation is called
a) an inference
b) a fact
c) a classification
d) a measurement

Which statement about a burning candle is most likely an inference?
a) Carbon dioxide and water vapor are produced by the burning.
b) The wick gets shorter as the candle burns.
c) The candle wax is melting.
d) The flame is yellow.

A prediction of next winter's weather is an example of
a) an inference
b) an observation
c) a classification
d) a measurement

The best example of an inference is a
a) weather forecast for 3 days
b) determination of dewpoint temperature
c) measurement of air temperature
d) reading of atmospheric pressure

Which statement about a major hurricane is an inference?
a) Damage from the storm is expected to be extensive.
b) A rain gauge records three inches of rain in less than one hour.
c) The central air pressure is recorded at 946.0 mb.
d) The windspeed is measured at 200 km/hr.

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