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A species in danger of becoming extinct
a) threatened species
b) endangered species
c) species
d) extinct species

the process of taking action to bring a damaged habitat back to healthy condition.
a) conservation biology
b) habitat restoration
c) wildlife management
d) wildlife corridor

To return captive organisms to an area where they once lived.
a) wildlife management
b) wildlife corridor
c) captive population
d) reintroduction program

Population that is cared for by humans.
a) captive population
b) breeding program
c) fire break
d) captive breeding

The study of methods for protecting biodiversity.
a) wildlife management
b) conservation biology
c) wildlife resource officer
d) biology

A species that moves into an ecosystem as a result of human actions.
a) native species
b) introduced species
c) captive species
d) captive population

A species likely to become endangered.
a) extinct species
b) endangered species
c) threatened species
d) captive species

Forms when sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide combine with water vapor in the air
a) ozone depletion
b) acid
c) rain
d) acid rain

Original organisms in an ecosystem.
a) captive species
b) introduced species
c) native species
d) wild species

The variety of life.
a) biodiversity
b) ecology
c) conservation
d) wildlife

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