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How many of each clean animal did Noah take into the ark?
a) 7
b) 12
c) 9
d) 2

How many of each unclean animal did Noah take into the ark?
a) 2
b) 8
c) 4
d) 7

Who was Adam\'s wife?
a) Eve
b) Mary
c) Jane
d) Sarah

The original home of Adam and Eve was...
a) the Garden of Eden
b) Albuquerque
c) Babel
d) Heaven

_________spoke to Eve when he appeared in the body of a serpent.
a) Satan
b) Cain
c) Adam
d) God

_________________ was killed by his brother.
a) Abel
b) Ham
c) Seth
d) Cain

Jesus did nothing to deserve punishment, for He never ________________.
a) sinned
b) hurt another person
c) ate pizza
d) talked without permission

Three days after Jesus was crucified, He ____________________.
a) arose
b) turned water into wine
c) fed people fish and bread
d) met with his friends

While Jesus hung on the cross, God the Father placed all our ___________ on Him.
a) sin
b) praise
c) prayers
d) problems

Who gave an offering of the fruits of the field?
a) Cain
b) Abel
c) Seth
d) Enoch

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