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What does the prefix kilo mean
a) 1
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1000

What is the prefix milli stand for
a) .1
b) .01
c) 1.0
d) .001

What tool do we use to measure mass?
a) balance
b) metric ruler
c) graduated cylindar
d) thermometer

What temperature scale do we use in science
a) Farenheit
b) Celsius
c) Kelvin
d) Celsius and Kelvin

Which rider should one move first on a balance?
a) Front
b) middle
c) back
d) none

What is the latin word for to know?
a) Metric
b) metron
c) Scire
d) micro

Is the first step in the scientific method?
a) State the problem
b) Gather Information
c) Form a Hypothesis
d) Experiment

What is the last step in the Scientific Method
a) Form a Hypothesis
b) Experiment
c) collect data
d) State a Conclusion

Is the factor being tested?
a) Control
b) Variable
c) Dependant
d) Independant

Is considered the norm in an experiment?
a) Control
b) Variable
c) Graph
d) Metron

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