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I know that Jeff is smart, so I was confused when he did such a vacuous thing as jump off the roof. Vacuous means:
a) exciting
b) sad
c) stupid
d) ugly

The eccentric old woman lived in a house that was anything but normal. Eccentric means:
a) average
b) normal
c) regular
d) odd or bizarre

Ashley loved the new jeans in the store, and she just had to have them. Although she didn't want to grovel, she decided to beg her parents to get them. Grovel means:
a) network
b) revolt
c) resist
d) plead

The tornado annihilated the whole town to the point that nothing was left. Annihilated means:
a) created
b) destroyed
c) saved
d) constructed

The departing president of the organization gave his valediction. When he was through, he welcomed the new president to the stage. Valediction means:
a) beginning
b) starting
c) welcome
d) farewell speech

Bobby thinks that it's funny to tantalize Sally by making fun of her curly hair, but it only makes the other kids mad at him. Tantalize means:
a) tease
b) rush
c) poke
d) talk to

The man who lives next door spoke brusquely to the children, unlike his wife who is always polite. Brusquely means:
a) calmly
b) kindly
c) gruffly or impolitely
d) courteously

Terry was being obstinate. She was being so stubborn and refusing to see any movie other than her favorite. Obstinate means:
a) easily gives in
b) compliant
c) stubborn
d) peacemaker

ALthough the cabinet was ligneous, it wasn't made with real wood. Ligneous means:
a) empty
b) brown
c) wood-like
d) native

Famous conquistadors include Cortes, who conquered Aztec, Mexico. Conquistador means:
a) victims
b) geographers
c) conquerors
d) losers

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