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What is 89 miles per hour converted to meters per second?
a) 8.9 m/s
b) 2387.19 m/s
c) 199.09 m/s
d) 39.79 m/s

Which of the following is not a scientific hypothesis?
a) When throwing a football, baseball, and a golf ball, the baseball will travel the farthest.
b) If a plant receives fertilizer, then it will grow to be bigger than a plant that does not.
c) When searching the entire universe, there is no life anywhere else except for on Earth and Mars.
d) Snickers contains more sugar than Kit Kat, Skittles, and Twizzlers.

How many grams are in a kilogram?
a) 0.1
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1000

How many milliliters are in a liter?
a) 0.1
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1000

What is the best way to test how track angle affects how fast a marble moves once leaving the track?
a) Test two marble sizes on tracks that are at different angles.
b) Test two different sized marbles on a track with one angle.
c) Test one sized marble on three tracks that have different angles.
d) Test one sized marble on a tract with one angle.

Which is not a way that people or governments affect the progress of science and technology?
a) Special funding is awarded by the government to research a vaccine for AIDS.
b) An animal goes extinct because of disease.
c) A law is passed forbidding embryonic stem cell research.
d) A country keeps a natural resource to themselves so that only they may do research with it.

36 cm is how many mm?
a) .36
b) 36
c) 360
d) 3600

You want to test which brand of light bulb lasts the longest. What is the dependent variable?
a) brand of light bulb
b) measurement of length in cm
c) time measured in hours

Where do the variables go on a graph?
a) independent variable on y axis and dependent variable on x
b) dependent variable on y and independent variable on x

Convert 7990 liters per hour to gallons per minute
a) 35.18 gal/min
b) 504.09 gal/min
c) 1.56 gal/min
d) 126,644.48 gal/min

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