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Who developed Multiple Intelligence Theory?
a) Jung
b) Gardener
c) Smith
d) Appleton

Which two regions of the brain make up the dual processing center?
a) RAS and cortex
b) cortex and neuron
c) RAS and neuron
d) RAS and dendrite

If you enjoy dance, what kind of learner might you be?
a) visual
b) auditory
c) kinesthetic
d) musical

Which type of learner is known for creativity?
a) left brained
b) right brained
c) north brained
d) south brained

Why are study groups helpful?
a) The others might bring snacks.
b) You can cheat more easily.
c) You might meet new friends.
d) You can collaborate and learn from one another.

What would not help with internal distractions?
a) Take short breaks.
b) Offer yourself plenty of time to worry.
c) Working on your self concept.
d) Making a list.

Which of the follow is most important on a syllabus?
a) The bathroom location.
b) The grading policies and due dates.
c) The teacher's philosophy of education.
d) None of it is important.

What might help a visual learner to learn vocabulary?
a) Drawing pictures as a way to study.
b) Listening to the words on a talking dictionary.
c) Playing charades to learn the new words.
d) Looking at the definitions.

How often is reading automatic?
a) always
b) sometimes
c) never
d) often in everyday life but rarely with college reading

What is most like your brain?
a) a car
b) an airplane
c) a computer
d) a bomb

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