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The defintion of an igneous rock is?
a) Rock that forms from magma or lava
b) Rock that contains iron
c) Rock that forms from other rock
d) Rock fragments and iron

What does ALL igneous rock begin as?
a) Magma
b) Lava
c) Crystals
d) Clastic

An Igneous rock that cools outside of the Earth's crust is called a ________________ rock.
a) Extrusive
b) Intrusive
c) Coarse
d) Fine

What kind of texture does igneous rock have when magma cools slowly?
a) Coarse-grained
b) Fine-grained
c) Medium grain
d) Mafic Fine Grained

What is meant when referring to the texture of an igneous rock?
a) the size, shape and arrangement of mineral grains, the look
b) the color of the rock
c) element
d) mass of the rock

For igneous rocks, crystal size is interpreted to imply which of the following?
a) time allowed for cooling of the magma/lava
b) temperature of the magma
c) chemistry/composition of the magma
d) how the magma felt during cooling

Which one of the following factors is most important in determining the texture of an igneous rock?
a) the rate at which the magma or lava cools
b) the composition of the magma
c) the type of rock surrounding the magma
d) the type of dissolved gases in the magma

Which of the following word combinations is correct?
a) extrusive; volcanic (lava)
b) volcanic; granite
c) extrusive; igneous
d) intrusive; quartz

An igneous rock that formed by rapid cooling will probably have crystals that are
a) a fine texture with small crystals.
b) a coarse texture with small crystals.
c) a fine texture with large crystals
d) a coarse texture with large crystals

When referring to rocks composition means?
a) makeup, composed of, made from, minerals
b) book
c) position
d) grain size

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