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Which integer can be used to represent the amount of weight Jill lost each month if she lost a total of 54 pounds in 9 months?
a) 7
b) 6
c) -7
d) -6

-16 divided by -4
a) 4
b) 12
c) -4
d) -20

48 divided by -6
a) -12
b) 9
c) -8
d) 8

-7 x -8
a) 56
b) -15
c) 72
d) -56

-9 x 2
a) 18
b) -18
c) 27
d) -21

A scuba diver is hovering 18 feet below the surface of the water. She swims down to a coral reef that is 3 times this depth. Which integer represents her current depth?
a) -54
b) -72
c) 54
d) 72

The temperature from 4 PM to 12 AM dropped 16 degrees. Which integer can be used to represent the average temperature change per hour?
a) -2 degrees
b) -4 degrees
c) 2 degrees
d) 4 degrees

Monica's company lost $250 in January. If it continues to lose money at the same rate over the next four months, which integer represents the company's total loss a the end of May?
a) -$250
b) -$1000
c) -$1250
d) -$62.50

A glacier receded at a rate of 150 feet per day for two consecutive weeks. How much did the glacier's position change in all?
a) -300 feet
b) -1050 feet
c) -2100 feet
d) -750 feet

Humans lose about 500 skin cells every minute. At this rate, which integer would represent the number of skin cells you lose every hour?
a) -6,000 skin cells
b) -12,000 skin cells
c) -7,500 skin cells
d) -30,000 skin cells

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