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In hospitals, computers are used to
a) keep patients\' details
b) record stolen cars
c) produce animations
d) produce music

In education, computers are used for
a) electronic learning
b) electronic banking
c) electronic dancing
d) electronic shopping

IT means
a) information technology
b) information transit
c) information transport
d) information test

Mouse is
a) output device
b) storage device
c) input device
d) memory

which one of these is not a printer?
a) inkjet printer
b) laser printer
c) dot matrix printer
d) ray printer

Which one of these is a permanent memory?
a) ROM
b) RAM
c) IP
d) PDA

which one of these printers is noisy?
a) laser printer
b) dot matrix printer
c) ink jet printer
d) none of the above

WWW stands for
a) world wide web
b) wide world web
c) web world wide
d) web wide world

Which one of these is false?
a) A monitor is also known as Visual Display Unit
b) The secondary memory is also known as Backing storage device
c) RAM stands for random access memory
d) Joystick is an example of output device

A sound card is needed to allow the computer produce
a) pictures
b) sound
c) perfume
d) none of the above

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