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Which of th following is an example of a chemical change?
a) Water boiling
b) A horseshoe changing color
c) Lemonade
d) Braiding hair

Which of these is the most viscous?
a) honey
b) vinegar
c) water
d) apple juice

Mixing sugar in water is an example of a
a) solution
b) suspension
c) chemical bond
d) colloid

Which of the following is a physical change?
a) Baking soda and water
b) A horseshoe changing color
c) Braiding hair
d) Leaves changing color in the fall

What is a pure substance?
a) Matter that never has the same composition
b) Matter that always has the exactly the same composition
c) Matter that always has a different composition
d) Matter that never has exactly the same composition

What is a branch of natural science?
a) Meteorology
b) Oceanography
c) Life Science
d) Ecology

Malleability is
a) The ability of a material to be hammered without breaking
b) The flow of a liquid
c) The temperature at which something boils
d) Separating a mixture based on particle size

Which of these is an example of a mixture?
a) salsa
b) muddy water
c) milk
d) All of these

Which of these is an example of a chemical compound?
a) Hydrogen
b) Silicon Dioxide
c) Oxygen
d) Salsa

What is a physical change?
a) A change occuring when some properties of a material change but the substance stays the same
b) Any characteristics of a material that can be observed
c) Change that occurs when a substance reacts and forms more new substances
d) Force that holds atoms or ions together as a unit

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