M. Spencer's Graphing Quiz Question Preview (ID: 693)

Questions Regarding Formatting Of Tables And Graphs. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The title of a table must include
a) the independent variable only
b) the dependent variable only
c) the independent and dependent variable
d) something creative and catchy

The dependent variable should be listed on the
a) x-axis
b) y-axis
c) z-axis
d) legend

When the categories on the x-axis can be arranged in any order, a _____ graph should be used to display the data.
a) circle graph
b) pie graph
c) line graph
d) bar graph

The independent variable is found on the ___________ of a single line graph.
a) units
b) legend
c) x- axis
d) y- axis

When comparing two sets of data, a _____________ graph should be used.
a) line graph
b) pie graph
c) single bar graph
d) double bar graph

In a double line graph, the independent variable is found ___________.
a) in the legend
b) on the x-axis
c) on the y-axis
d) none of the above

A pie graph is commonly used to represent data when
a) the data is an average.
b) the data is a length of measurement.
c) the data is a time.
d) the data is in percents.

When determining the increments to use on the y-axis
a) most of the time, just go up by 5's.
b) most of the time, just go up by 2's.
c) most of the time, just go up by 10's.
d) used the formula (highest - lowest) divide by 5 & round to the nearest easy number to count up by.

Which of the following would not need a unit of measurement?
a) time
b) distance
c) volume
d) color

Which of the following is most related to a quantitative table?
a) color
b) taste
c) smell
d) number of miles

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