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What signal tells you that it’s time to straighten your computer station at the end of class?
a) A bell rings
b) The computers shut down
c) The lights flicker
d) Your teacher tells you it's time to straighten computer stations

When using our computers, you should touch only the
a) monitor and cables
b) mouse and keyboard
c) screen and power buttons
d) escape key

How should you enter the computer lab?
a) Quietly
b) Without shoes on
c) Running
d) Quickly

What word best describes the way you should use the mouse and keyboard?
a) Quickly
b) Roughly
c) Firmly
d) Gently

Which of these is a way to be respectful of our computers?
a) Straightening your computer station at the end of class
b) Using the headphones gently
c) Making sure hands are clean before touching the mouse and keyboard
d) All of the above

After you’ve straightened up your computer area and pushed your chair in you should
a) leave the room
b) stand behind your chair and wait to be dismissed
c) talk with friends
d) line up

When should you print
a) as often as possible
b) at the beginning of class
c) only when you have been given permission
d) at the end of class

Which of the following is not allowed in the computer lab?
a) Food
b) Drinks
c) Gum
d) All of these

If you’re having a problem with your computer, what should you do?
a) Unplug cables and check them
b) Ask a friend for help
c) Raise your hand and wait for the teacher to assist you
d) Press the power button

At the end of class when the lights flicker, what’s the first thing you should do?
a) Remove your headphones
b) Close any programs you've opened
c) Push your chair in
d) Turn off your computer

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