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Particles of minerals and other rocks that make up rock are called...
a) grains
b) textures
c) rock fragments
d) sediment

Rocks that are formed by the melting and cooling of lava and magma are called
a) Igneous Rocks
b) Sedimentary Rocks
c) Metamorphic Rocks
d) Bed Rocks

Igneous rocks formed when magma cools beneath the earth's surface
a) intrusive rocks
b) sedimentary rocks
c) extrusive rocks
d) magma

Extrusive igneous rocks have smaller crystals than intrusive igneous rocks because
a) Intrusive igneous rocks cool slower than extrusive rocks
b) Extrusive igneous rocks cool slower than intrusive rocks
c) Intrusive igneous rocks melt slower than extrusive rocks
d) Extrusive igneous rocks melt slower than intrusive rocks

When magma cools deep inside Earth, ____ igneous rocks are formed.
a) intrusive
b) fine-grained
c) none of these
d) extrusive

A mineral can scratch any mineral...
a) any mineral softer than itself
b) any mineral that is harder than corundum
c) any mineral that is harder than diamond
d) any mineral harder than itself

In order to be considered a mineral, the substance must be...
a) all of these
b) Solid
c) Inorganic
d) Naturally Occuring

What are rocks made of?
a) A rock is a naturally formed solid made of one or more minerals.
b) A rock is the soft part of the plant and can easily be destroyed.
c) A rock is a fossil.
d) A rock is formed from sand and soil.

Three different tests used to identify a mineral are:
a) hardness, color, streak
b) color, weight, density
c) streak, hardness, texture
d) texture, color, name

A mineral is...
a) naturally occuring, inorganic, solid, definite chemical composition, and crystalline structure.
b) naturally occuring, organic, solid, definite chemical composition and crystalline structure
c) naturally occuring, organic, color, luster, and streak
d) naturally occuring, organic, luster, and streak

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