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The astrolabe and the compass were....
a) Instruments used in fortune telling
b) Instruments used in weather forecasting
c) Instruments used at Prince Henry's school of Navigation
d) Instruments used to lull sleepy sailors to sleep at night.

Which of the following was home to Prince Henry the navigator?
a) France
b) Italy
c) Portugal
d) Spain

Which name was given to Africa's tip?
a) Cape Horn
b) Cape Cod
c) Cape of Good Luck
d) Cape of Good Hope

Organizations that protected traders were called
a) Unions
b) Leagues
c) Trading Protection Agencies
d) Fair Trade Organizations

Which group of people ruled the Holy Lands?
a) Egyptians
b) Turks
c) Crusaders
d) Portugese

What was the symbol of the Crusades?
a) A Dragon
b) A Sword
c) A Shield
d) A Red Cross

The man who first rounded the African tip was
a) Prince Henry
b) Bartholomeu Dias
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Ponce de Leon

Vasco Da Gama sailed four ships to India
a) True
b) False

Which of the following is true about Marco Polo?
a) He sailed four ships to India
b) He began a navigation school
c) He first rounded Africa's tip
d) He traveled to China

Kublai Khan was.....
a) The first to begin a navigation school.
b) The first to round Africa's tip
c) The emperor of China
d) none of the above

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