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How does nonverbal language work?
a) speaking without words, using your body
b) email
c) Spanish
d) speaking without speaking

What is bend over backwards?
a) working hard to do something or help someone
b) an exercise
c) a pain
d) a science experiment

What is an idiom?
a) words say one thing but the meaning is different
b) a welcome ad
c) new kid on the block
d) a sport

How do you use whole body listening?
a) eyes on teacher, hands and feet to yourself and mouth shut
b) sitting back and relaxed
c) doing exercises on the table
d) sleeping

What are expected things?
a) eyes on the teacher
b) turning your back
c) eyes on something else
d) daydreaming

What is trash talk?
a) saying bad stuff
b) another word for recycling
c) a name of a garbage truck
d) saying something nice

What are unexpected things?
a) not listening
b) being expected
c) hands and feet to yourself
d) mouth closed

What does letting the cat at the bag?
a) letting your secret out.
b) keeping your secret in
c) letting your pet out of the cage
d) skipping school

What is a social detective?
a) look around to see whats going on?
b) doze off
c) be lazy
d) ignore

What is quit cold turkey mean?
a) quit immediately
b) stop eating frozen bird
c) frozen
d) got the cold

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