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What states the purposes and goals of the U.S. government?
a) Articles
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Articles of Confederation
d) Preamble

To date there are how many amendments?
a) 27
b) 10
c) 29
d) 29

What three articles set up the three branches of government?
a) I,II, and IV
b) I, II, and III
c) I, III, and V
d) II, III, and IV

What three words in the Constitution establish that the epower of government comes from the people?
a) Rule of Law
b) insure domestic tranquility
c) Blessings of Liberty
d) We the people

What is the second step in the Amendment process
a) ratification by the states
b) action by Congress
c) action by the General Assembly
d) signing by the President

The first 10 Amendments are known as
a) Declaration of Rights
b) Changes to the Constitution
c) Articles
d) Bill of Rights

All of the following are rights in the 1st Amendment EXCEPT
a) religion
b) petition
c) education
d) speech

All of the following are goals of the Constitution EXCEPT
a) to ensure everyone prospers
b) to ensure domestic tranquility
c) to promote the general welfare
d) to form a more perfect union

What sets up the structure of the U.S. government?
a) Articles of Confederation
b) U.S. Constitution
c) Charters of the United States
d) Declaration of Independence

Where can one find the process to amend the Constitution?
a) in the U.S. Constitution
b) it is not written but understood
c) it is based on U.S. customs
d) in U.S. Laws

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