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Reviews Basic Concepts Of Watersheds And Mississippi River Watershed; Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the primary culprit behind the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico?
a) agricultural chemicals
b) sewage discharge
c) air pollution
d) oil spills

The depletion of which essential element is responsible for the Gulf of Mexico dead zone?
a) oxygen
b) sulfur
c) nitrogen
d) phosphorus

About how much land is drained by the Mississippi River?
a) 40 percent
b) 20 percent
c) 5 percent
d) 80 percent

How do excess nutrients in the Gulf of Mexico affect phytoplankton?
a) allows them to grow to higher than usual levels
b) makes them all die off
c) causes them to move to other bodies of water
d) makes them develop various diseases

What factor determines the boundaries of watesheds?
a) elevation
b) climate
c) state and country borders
d) distance from a river

What is hypoxia?
a) a condition of oxygen depletion in water
b) a condition of excess silt in water
c) a measure of the muddiness of water
d) a disease that kills fish

Which process removes oxygen from water in hypoxic zones?
a) decay of phytoplankton
b) removal of excess nutrients
c) addition of chlorine
d) mixing of water by winds

Which of the following would help reduce the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico?
a) improved agricultural technologies that reduce nutrient inputs to rivers
b) more fishing activity
c) decreased fishing activity
d) removal of oil wells in the Gulf

What boundary divides water between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in North America?
a) Continental Divide
b) Mississippi River
c) Ohio River
d) Gulf of Mexico Watershed

Where are dead zones found throughout the world?
a) in many places worldwide
b) Gulf of Mexico only
c) North America only
d) southern hemisphere only

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