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Simon is often called this...
a) an Eats-a-lot
b) a Zealot
c) a Hamlet
d) an Omlet

Jesus' closest friends were...
a) Peter, James John
b) James, John Andrew
c) Matthias, Thaddeus Simon
d) Rack, Shack Benny

Once the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples at Pentecost they...
a) Went home to their families
b) Waited for Jesus to return
c) Threw a party
d) Got busy telling the world about Jesus!

After Jesus\' ascension into heaven this man was appointed by the other disciples to replace Judas as the 12th disciple
a) Luke
b) Mark
c) Matthias
d) Matthew

Judas later...
a) Asked for forgiveness
b) Named his first child Jesus
c) Bought a big house with the silver
d) Took his life

Judas identified Jesus in the garden by...
a) Pointing at Him
b) Kissing Him
c) Shaking His hand
d) Calling His name

This disciple was the treasurer or money-keeper for the disciples
a) Judas
b) Matthew
c) James
d) John

Judas was paid this many silver pieces for turning over Jesus to be tried and crucified.
a) 3
b) 303
c) 33
d) 30

Very little is known of this disciple. Some of his other names may have been James or Judas....but not Iscariot
a) Thaddeus
b) Joe
c) Thessalonians
d) Theodore

James the Less was probably called this because
a) He was less important than the other James
b) He was skinny
c) He was shorter or younger than the other James
d) He was less intelligent than the other James

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