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This disciple was not present when Jesus first appeared to his disciples after the resurrection. He said that he needed to do this before he would believe...
a) Touch Jesus' hands
b) Touch Jesus' feet
c) Put his hand in Jesus' side
d) All answers are correct!

When Nathanael comes to meet jesus, Jesus says that he had seen him here even before Philip called him.
a) Under a palm tree
b) In his house
c) Under an olive tree
d) Under a fig tree

Philip ran to find this disciple and said COME AND SEE! WE HAVE FOUND THE MESSIAH! and he became a disciple too.
a) Thaddeus
b) Matthias
c) Nathanael
d) thomas

Which Gospels were written by disciples?
a) Matthew Mark
b) Mark Luke
c) John Mark
d) Matthew John

Jesus was different from other Bible teachers in that the men he called to follow him were...
a) Ordinary and sinful
b) Very intelligent
c) Best looking
d) Friendliest

What is the other name for Matthew?
a) Larry
b) Levi
c) Lex
d) Luther

a) Peter
b) James
c) John
d) Andrew

Matthew's job before Jesus called him
a) Tax Collector
b) Fisherman
c) Attorney
d) Soldier

Andrew was first a disciple of this prophet until the prophet pointed to Jesus and said, LOOK, THE LAMB OF GOD!
a) Elijah
b) Jonah
c) Isaiah
d) John the Baptist

James and John were also known as the SONS OF ___________
a) Rain
b) Peace
c) Thunder
d) Lightening

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