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Who were the first people to record health records?
a) Ancient Egyptians
b) Romans
c) Europeans
d) Ancient Chinese

Which group of ancient civilizations is responsible for the development of sanitation systems by building sewers
a) Greeks
b) Chinese
c) Monks
d) Romans

In Ancient times the common belief was that illness and disease was caused by
a) drinking bad water (water that livestock drank on)
b) exposure to sun (not having skin covered enough)
c) evil spirits and demons
d) not having blood letting done at least once a month

Who is called the \\
a) Hippocrates
b) Zeus
c) Florence Nightingale
d) Ceaser

Who developed a vaccine to prevent smallpox
a) Hippocrates
b) L. Pastuer
c) Edward Jenner
d) Florence Nightingale

Who was the first female physician in the United States
a) Betty Brown
b) Elizabeth Blackwell
c) Florence Nightingale
d) Dorothea Dix

In what era did formal training for nurses begin?
a) 20th Century
b) 16th Century
c) 21st Century
d) 18th Century

What was the life span for a person living in the Renaissance (AD1350-AD 1650)
a) 20 - 30years
b) 50-60 years
c) 40-50 years
d) 30-40 years

What was the lifespan for the person living in the 19th century?
a) 40-60 years
b) 100-120 years
c) 80- 100 years
d) 60-80 years

what is the life span for a person living in the 20th century
a) 60-70
b) both A and B
c) neither
d) 70-100

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