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Using What You Learned In The Copy Quest Web Searches, Do Your Best To Answer The Following Questions. Raise Your Hand When You Are Finished So The Teacher Can Record Your Score. Score 8 Or Better, Or Try Again! Questions Obtained From Www.copyrightki. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

If your work is the public domain, it means
a) you find it at the public library
b) you can get it for free online
c) you can copy it without getting permission from anybody
d) the term of the copyright has run out

Each state has its own copyright law
a) True
b) False
c) Only on Jupiter
d) If it wants to

As long as the operator of a fan website for a TV show posts a big disclaimer saying that the site has not been approved by the TV show producers and that it is not being operated for commercial gain, a fan can freely upload to her site any images,
a) True
b) False
c) Purple
d) Tuesday

For a work to be protectable under copyright, it must:
a) be original
b) be fixed in a touchable form of expression
c) be professional quality
d) include a copyright notice

You wrote something and you want to send it to a writing contest. How would you copyright it?
a) It is already protected by copyright law once you have written it down.
b) You must register it with the US copyright office.
c) You must put a copyright notice at the bottom of the story.
d) It is never protected by copyright law, because once you write it down, it becomes public domain.

Factors in determining whether use of a copyrighted work is a Fair Use include:
a) Amount of the work used.
b) Effect of the commercial market for the work used.
c) Purpose of the use.
d) All of the above.

Which of the following can be copyrighted?
a) An original poem posted on an online message board.
b) Postings in a chat room.
c) Computer software
d) Graffiti

A kindergarden child's finger painting cannot be copyrighted because
a) A child in kindergarden is just a kid
b) Anybody can finger paint.
c) A kindergarden child's finger painting can be copyrighted
d) A child in kindergarden does not care if his work is copyrighted.

You just read a great story from "A Collection of 2000 Short Stories" and you think it would make a great play. But first you need to get permission from the copyright owner
a) False, its not a book
b) False, you are only using part of it
c) True
d) False, if you re-write the story into a play

Fair use is which of the following
a) The right to copy entire works without permssion so long as its for personal use.
b) A defense against copyright infringement.
c) The right for schools and teachers to use copyrighted works without permission.
d) The right to download anything copyrightable from the internet.

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