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According to the new common core, what are the three types of writing?
a) satirical, original, expository
b) narrative, informative, argumentative/opinion
c) expository, opinion, narrative
d) narrative informative expository

How can the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation help with common core?
a) Money!
b) Computers and IPads
c) Lesson plans at
d) 9 friendly mice

How many states are involved in common core?
a) 5
b) 25
c) 50
d) 44

What is the website called to help with common core?

What does the acronym RL stand for?
a) Reading Literature
b) Reading Light
c) Right Language
d) Reading Lanuage

In the Common Core Handbook, what is in Appendix A?
a) Basic Language Rules
b) Common Core Standards by Grade Level
c) Test Scores by State
d) Miscellaneous Notes

In the Common Core Handbook, what is in Appendix B?
a) Test Scores by State
b) Miscellaneous Notes
c) Text Exemplares
d) Teachers who helped write the core standards

In the Common Core Handbook what is in Appendix C?
a) Teachers who helped write the core standards
b) Miscellaneous Notes
c) Samples of Student Writing
d) Test Scores by State

What was the previous term used by the State Core Curriculum for argument/opinion?
a) Expository
b) Inflection
c) Informative
d) Persuasive

Who's job is it to teach reading and writing?
a) Tracy Scott
b) Parents
c) Special Education
d) All Teachers

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