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Which of the following is the best definition of the term latitude?
a) a measure of the distance north or south of the equator
b) a measure of the amount of sunlight that reflects from a surface
c) the distance in feet above sea level of a point on Earth
d) the difference in air pressure between two areas

Which of the following has the highest albedo?
a) fresh snow
b) grass
c) sand
d) forest cover

Which statement best describes solar radiation on a global scale?
a) The poles have a solar radiation deficit; the equator has a solar radiation surplus.
b) Solar radiation is constant all over the globe because the Earth's spin on its axis means that each place on Earth receives s
c) Equatorial regions have higher levels of solar radiation than do the polar regions.
d) Solar radiation is only affected by the season of the year.

Why does the same amount of incoming solar radiation result in less heating at the poles than it does at Earth's equator?
a) The incoming solar radiation at the poles is spread over a larger surface.
b) The incoming solar radiation at the poles goes through a thinner portion of the atmosphere.
c) The poles absorb more sunlight than forested areas of the equator.
d) Sunlight cannot reach the extreme ends of Earth's poles.

What eventually happens to the incoming solar radiation that is absorbed by the Earth's land and water?
a) gets converted to heat and emitted back to space
b) stays on earth and builds up over time
c) soaks into the ground
d) is used by photosynthetic organisms

What is the latitude of the equator?
a) Zero
b) 30 degrees North
c) 60 degrees North
d) 30 degrees South

At which place does sunlight have to travel through the thinnest portion of Earth's atmosphere before reaching Earth's surface?
a) Zero degrees latitude
b) 30 degrees latitude
c) 60 degrees latitude
d) 90 degrees latitude

At which place on Earth would the most sunlight be reflected back to space?
a) a polar ice cap
b) a sandy beach
c) an clear agricultural field
d) a rainforest

Which location on Earth has a surplus of solar radiation?
a) Zero degrees latitude
b) 90 degrees latitude
c) Earth's south pole
d) Earth's arctic circle

Which place on Earth has a deficit of solar radiation?
a) 90 degrees latitude
b) zero degrees latitude
c) the equator
d) no place on Earth has a deficit of solar radiation

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