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Setting up the home evironement for success is an example of what Wish List skill
a) Support
b) Appropriateness
c) Tone
d) Timing

Should use use general praise with older kids?
a) Yes
b) Never
c) Only when necessary
d) Every other day

When first teaching the use of descriptions, start with...
a) the one-on-one teaching moment
b) child's game
c) a structured activity
d) incidental learning opportunities

What is an example of a material reinforcer?
a) fun pencil
b) praise
c) descriptions
d) playing a board game

When we are first teaching a new skill, we should reward how often?
a) every time
b) randomly
c) every two times we see the behavior
d) only when the behavior is done perfectly

What positive to negative ratio is optimal?
a) 4:1
b) 3:1
c) 1:4
d) 1:1

How many required elements are there in setting up a behavioral contract?
a) three
b) five
c) six
d) two

Which of the examples listed is NOT a description
a) I like how you put your dishes in the sink without being asked
b) Good job, you put your dishes away
c) You must be proud of the great picture you drew
d) You picked up without being asked!

Which of the following is NOT a skill used with little kids
a) Effective praise
b) descriptions
c) general praise
d) incentive charts

The concept on which encouraging good behavior is based
a) positive reinforcement
b) prompting
c) shaping
d) consistency

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