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Non-intended instruction which is positive or negative that affects students success.
a) Hidden Curriculum
b) Whole Language Reading Instruction
c) Character Education
d) Null Curriculum

Directed by state content standards, goals, guidelines, and adopted textbooks.
a) Instructional Goals and Objectives
b) Whole Language Reading Instruction
c) Null Curriculum
d) Character Education

Information not taught in schools that could benefit students such as critical thinking and career skills.
a) Null Curriculum
b) Instructional Goals and Objectives
c) Phonics Reading Instruction
d) Hidden Curriculum

Instruction integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening and stresses meaning and context.
a) Whole Language Reading Instruction
b) Phonics Reading Instruction
c) Balanced Aproach to Reading Instruction
d) Instructional Goals and Objectives

Integrates all reading instruction approaches to meet individual students' needs and promotes comprehension using daily life events.
a) Balanced Approach to Reading Instruction
b) Phonics Reading Instruction
c) Whole Language Reading Instruction
d) Outcome-based Education

Effective for teaching basic skills using teacher directed instruction.
a) Explicit Instruction and Mastery Teaching
b) Discovery Learning
c) Outcome-based Education
d) Cooperative Learning

Broad learning goals assessed through culminating projects or demonstrations.
a) Outcome-based Education
b) Scaffolding
c) Cooperative Learning
d) Explicit Curriculum

Non-directed instruction in which students experiment to gain knowledge through discovery and the ability to draw conclusions.
a) Inquiry-based Learning
b) Differentiated Instruction
c) Outcome-based Education
d) Cooperative Learning

Instruction in which students work together in groups of 2 or more with shared responsibilities.
a) Cooperative Learning
b) Scaffolding
c) Differentiated Instruction
d) Discovery Learning

Providing games and activities requiring student interaction to reinforce knowledge and encourage student reflection.
a) Scaffolding
b) Outcome-based Education
c) Explicit Instruction
d) Differentiated Instruction

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