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The moon is
a) a bright pearl in the sky.
b) hiding behind the clouds.
c) like a silver dollar.
d) a million miles away.

Clouds are
a) like pillows.
b) as soft as marshmallows.
c) white as newly fallen snow.
d) none of the choices.

The snowflakes are
a) softly sifting from the sky.
b) like big goose feathers.
c) tiny white ballerinas.
d) telling the earth to go to sleep.

Good friends are
a) always on the ball.
b) gold.
c) like sunshine.
d) none of the choices.

The baby's laughter
a) sounded like the trill of tiny birds.
b) rolled rollicking off the rooftops.
c) asked the other children to join in.
d) was precious jewels to his mother.

Fireflies glowing at night
a) are fairies on moonbeams.
b) last for a lifetime.
c) look like tiny stars against the trees.
d) hold their lanterns aloft.

That rainbow is
a) as bright as a tie-dyed t-shirt.
b) a bridge to happiness.
c) leaping across the sky.
d) so bright, I can dip my paintbrush into it.

The tree is
a) whispering to the wind.
b) looks like a majestic princess.
c) taking time to tease the twins.
d) a guard protecting the building.

The story
a) took us fifty years to finish.
b) prodded me to finish it.
c) is a passage to another place and time.
d) is like a magic carpet taking me to new places.

The lake is
a) a looking glass.
b) as bright as a mirror.
c) calling my name.
d) three million miles away.

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