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How would you classify a Tech Solutions case in iLog.
a) SRF/Technical Solution
b) Misroute
c) Pre-Sales
d) Customer appeasement program

What happens when you don't lock your Mac when you leave your station?
a) Nothing, all is happy in happiness house.
b) You are in violation of COPC Compliance.
c) You get a raise in pay.
d) You get a coconut donut as a reward.

What events do we having happening in the month of October?
a) Old Farmers Day, Site Anniversary and Count Your Buttons Day
b) Dunk Tank, Football Toss and Jump Rope
c) Drag Race (not the kind with cars), High Heel Relay Race and Lip Sync for your Life
d) Jalapeno, Salsa and Chili Eating Contest

What is the minimum score you can achieve on Friday's assessment to pass this course?
a) 80%
b) 85%
c) 90%
d) 75%

What should you do when iLog is offline, you verify your neighbor is also having issues but you still have an internet connection?
a) Use PS8 until iLog is back online
b) Use Stickies to log your cases
c) Continue to take calls and don't document any cases
d) Use Text Edit until iLog comes back online

Which KBase article shows a list of printers that support AirPrint.
a) HT4356
b) CP1230
c) SP587
d) HT2309

Rotating your silverware at home is...
a) absolutely normal, nothing wrong here...thank you :)
b) Really?!!
c) Rotate my what?!!
d) Crazy

What is this weeks
a) No Strings - Mayer Hawthorne
b) Clear As Day - Scotty McCreery
c) Take a Back Road - Rodney Atkins
d) Response - Phil Wickham

Your customer just purchased Angry Birds from the iTunes Store and read an offensive comment in the review section. What should he do to report the comment?
a) Tell him to go online and find the developers contact info and he should contact them
b) Tell him to get over it
c) Find the application in the App store and use the Report a Problem button
d) Tell him you will contact the developer to report his concern

Madonna is trying to browse and scroll through web pages that contain frames in Safari on her iPhone. What would you tell her to do to accomplish this?
a) Tell her majesty that it is not possible and that you will need to replace the device
b) Tell her awesomeness that she needs to use a two-finger scroll
c) Tell the diva that she needs to restore the iPhone
d) Hang up and faint

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