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*FREEBIE* How can a customer set up a MobileMe account on a device?
a) The customer adds the account on the device in Settings-Mail, Contacts, Calendar
b) null
c) null
d) null

When it comes to controlling balance in a call, what two things do we need to be mindful of?
a) Average handle time and customer satisfaction
b) Average hold time and customer satisfaction
c) Average handle time and average hold time
d) Average speed to answer and customer satisfaction

Roro took pictures of the crisp, mountain air using his iPhone4s and now wants to put them on his Windows 7 computer. How does he do this?
a) Using Import from Camera or Scanner
b) Using Image Capture
c) Using iPhoto
d) Using Scanner and Camera Wizard

Val is trying to import photos from her iPhone4 into her XP computer but AutoPlay isn't opening. Why won't her Chris Brown photos transfer?
a) She already transferred those photos and there are no new photos to import
b) She should open AutoPlay manually
c) She needs to configure the device in iTunes
d) There is not enough space on the disk

David calls in because his Dr.Dre headphones are not working with his iPhone4. What should be your first troubleshooting step?
a) Make sure the headphones are even compatible with the iPhone
b) Restart the iPhone
c) Test the headphones on an iPod
d) Search Knowledge Base for articles about the Dr.Dre headphones

If you are on your iPhone4 and you are looking at a page that uses frames, what's the best thing to do to make it work?
a) Use the two-finger scroll
b) Replace the device
c) Restore the device
d) Contact the webpage developer to report a problem

What type of account will let Chris send calendar invitations from his iPhone4?
a) Exchange account
b) Subscribed calendar
c) LDAP account
d) IMAP account

Pierre is trying to send an email from his iPhone to a woman he just met asking her out for coffee, but his email cannot be sent. What should Pierre do?
a) Turn on other SMTP servers
b) Give up; maybe she's not interested and the phone knows that
c) Open port 993
d) Turn on other POP servers

To create a lasting impression with a customer, what percentage do we want to hit for VSAT on the floor?
a) 90
b) 95
c) 85
d) 100

Candice is restoring her iPhone4 because someone was looking up some nasty things on the inter-to-the-net. While restoring she got Error 11333. What should you do first?
a) Search the Knowledge Base using the numeric error code
b) Ask her what that person was looking at on her iPhone4
c) Reset the device
d) Remove and reinstall iTunes

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