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What is hospitality?
a) It refers to providing an environment like hospital for people to stay.
b) It refers to the warm and friendly way in which a host receives his guests.
c) It refers to staying in a hospital.
d) It refers to being caring towards people like the way nurses treat the patients.

What is a concierge?
a) It refers to a person whose job is to park the guests' cars at a hotel or restaurant.
b) It refers to a staff in a hotel carrying the luggage of guests.
c) It refers to the staff in a hotel that takes care of the specific needs and requests of guests.
d) It refers to the staff in a hotel cleaning the rooms after the guests had left.

John would like to plan a romantic celebration with his wife for their wedding anniversary overseas. Which type of accommodations will you recommend?
a) Budget Hotel
b) Boutique Hotel
c) Hostel
d) Motel

Mr Tan and family would like to stay for 1 month in Thailand for holidays.They would like to cook their own meals. Which accommodation will you recommend?
a) Guesthouses
b) Bed-and-breakfast
c) Serviced apartments
d) Resorts

Which of the following job role is not front-of-the-house functions?
a) Concierge
b) Receptionist
c) Bell staff
d) Chambermaid

Which of the following job role is back-of-the-house functions?
a) Accountants
b) Bell hop
c) Wait staff
d) Desk staff

Peter would like to chill out with friends and have some light snacks. Which type of F&B outlet will you recommend?
a) Coffee house
b) Food court
c) Family restaurant
d) Fastfood restaurant

Which is not a feature of a fine dining restaurant?
a) The wait staff provides extremely attentive table service to guests.
b) The restaurant serve food that reflects a particular culture.
c) It is found in most luxury hotels.
d) The interior decorations, setting and furnishing are grand and stylish.

Tom would like to hold a birthday celebration for his 3 years old son. Which F&B outlet will be suitable for him?
a) Family restaurants
b) Ethniic restaurants
c) Theme restaurants
d) Buffet restaurants

Which is not a feature of a hostel?
a) Meals are provided.
b) There are common bathrooms and toilets.
c) Rooms are mostly dormitory style.
d) The rate is very cheap.

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