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Which is not a characteristic of a physical good?
a) It can be seen and felt.
b) Can be counted.
c) Can only experience.
d) Can be standardised.

Which statement is FALSE?
a) Branding cannot improve the image of our business.
b) Branding helps to build customer loyalty.
c) Well-accepted brands make it easier for us to introduce new products to our customers.
d) Well-recognised brands make marketing of the product more efficient.

Which is not a factor to consider when pricing a product?
a) Competitors' prices
b) Customers' willingness to pay
c) Convenience
d) Costs

What is the function of packaging for television?
a) Easier/safe to use.
b) Promote image of brand.
c) Prevent shoplifting.
d) Protect and contain.

Air tickets: Economy class, business class and first class. What type of pricing technique is this?
a) Product-bundle pricing
b) Product-line pricing
c) Optional-product pricing
d) Promotinal pricing

Temporarily pricing below listed price. What type of pricing technique is this?
a) Discount pricing
b) Odd-even pricing
c) Product-line pricing
d) Promotional pricing

Which is not part of a marketing process?
a) Finding suppliers.
b) Satisfying customers\' needs and wants better than the competitors.
c) Understanding customers\' needs and wants.
d) Identifying potential customers.

Which is not part of 4Ps?
a) Product
b) Place
c) Price
d) Publicise

Sponsorship and corporate magazines are examples of ___________________ ?
a) Sales promotion
b) Direct marketing
c) Personal selling
d) Public relations

Which is not the factor to consider when choosing a place for business?
a) Will the location be too far from home?
b) What volume of human traffic that area has?
c) Who your competitors in that area are?
d) Who your target customers are?

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