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Answer The Telephone In A Professional Manner And Response To A Request For Action. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

All calls must be answered by the _________ ring?
a) Second
b) First
c) Third
d) Doesn't matter as long you answer the phone

While speaking into the transmitter, the mouth piece should be ______ away from the mouth
a) 1 inch
b) 2 inches
c) 3 inches
d) directly on the mouth piece

The most important aspect of answering the telephone is
a) to identify yourself and the place of business
b) to get personal data for personal gain
c) to perform a criminal background check
d) to smile while answering the phone

If the requested information of the caller is unknown, you would __________
a) take a detailed message so that information can be returned
b) hang up
c) make something up
d) transfer them to someone who cares

When terminating a telephone call the reception should
a) allow the caller to hang up first
b) put the caller on hold
c) slam the receiver down
d) verify the financial status of the caller

When taking a message, the receptionist should always
a) verify the identity of the caller and verify a return phone number
b) transfer them to 5 different departments
c) demand they call back after your lunch
d) tell the caller they are wasting their time

The receptionist should use ___________ tone of voice when speaking to callers
a) pleasant
b) assertive
c) aggressive
d) seductive

While speaking to callers, it is important to
a) speak at a moderate rate
b) speak loudly
c) chew gum
d) speak slowly

The pleasant attitude of the receptionist is perceivable by the caller by doing what?
a) smiling when answering the phone
b) cracking a joke
c) sobing
d) greeting them with a philosophical quote of the day

The first impression of a business is the attitude of the receptionist.
a) true
b) false

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