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First American law requiring parents and schools to teach reading.
a) Massachusetts Law of 1642
b) Northwest Ordinance Acts of 1785 and 1787
c) Old Deluder Satan Act
d) Kalamazoo Case

Schools first funded by local taxes and championed by Horace Mann as the best way to educate Americans.
a) Common schools
b) Quaker Schools
c) Dame Schools
d) Benjamin Franklin's Academy

Popular in the middle colonies and encouraged education for women.
a) Quaker Schools
b) Dame Schools
c) Common Schools
d) Benjamin Frnaklin's Academy

Individually tutored and sent wealthy children abroad for schooling but limited education for the poor and made it illegal to educate slaves.
a) Sourhern Colonies Education Plan
b) Common Schools
c) Northwest Ordinance Acts
d) Kalamazoo Case

Required territories seeking statehood to provide financial support for education.
a) Northwest Ordinance Acts of 1785 and 1787
b) Kalamazoo Case
c) Massachusetts Law of 1642
d) Morrill Land Grant University Act

Michigan Supreme Court case which upheld the power of Boards of Education to levy taxes to support schools.
a) Kalamazoo Case of 18873
b) Civil Rights Act
c) Brown vs. Board of Education
d) Equal Opportunity Act

Encouraged learning through play and is known as the Father of Kindergarten.
a) Friedrich Froebel
b) Maria Montessori
c) John Dewey
d) Benjamin Franklin

Believed that young children self-educate within a prepared educational environment in an individualized manner.
a) Maria Montessori
b) Friedrich Froebel
c) John Dewey
d) Benjamin Franklin

Reformer of the Progressive Era who encouraged child-centered curriculum and child-centered schools focusing on daily life activities.
a) John Dewey
b) Horace Mann
c) Friedrich Froebel
d) Maria Nontessori

Operated by women who, for a modest fee, gave boys and girls lessons in spelling and reading.
a) Dame Schools
b) Quaker Schools
c) Common Schools
d) Private Schools

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