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What button must be clicked after selecting a command from the actions box list?
a) Save Button
b) Release holds button
c) Go Button
d) Related items button

If you want to see the all the prescriptions on the patients profile, you would use the
a) Account Tab
b) Rx History Tab
c) IRIS SO Organizer
d) Rx Order Inquiry

The patient's insurance information is contained on what tab?
a) Billing
b) Account
c) Coverage
d) Overview

What two buttons will you always select when processing new work orders in the Prescription Form?
a) Save and Next
b) Save and Rx Release
c) Save and Release as Written
d) Save and Profile Rx

What do you have to remember when processing lancing devices in IRIS?
a) To check the Expiration Date.
b) To check the Days Supply on the Sales Order Form
c) To check the Quanity on hand.
d) To check the Quanity on the Sales Order Form.

In IRIS how do you access the Complaint Script?
a) Edit, Preferences, Profiles.
b) Actions, Complaint Scripts.
c) Navigate To, View Scripts.
d) Navigate To, All Scripts.

What coverage must be verified and fixed when we see it?
c) PDP Donut hole... mmm donuts
d) AARP UHG Coverage

How many work orders can you refill at one time
a) Three.
b) Unlimited.
c) Six.
d) One.

What tab on the Sales Order Form header do you select the shipping method of 2 to 3 day gound?
a) Main.
b) Others
c) Addresses.
d) Shipping.

When you see a Task in a close status what does it mean?
a) Optum Rx is too cheap to afford a d.
b) It is a Hysterical call card from RxExpress, silly tasks!
c) It is a Historical call card from RxExpress.
d) Someone picked the wrong status. WHO\'s initials are WIH???

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