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The 3,000 islands that make up Japan are actually
a) rocks
b) mesa's
c) volcanoes

There are many ________ and about fifty percent of them are still active. Mt. Fuji is the most famous.
a) mountains
b) volcanoes
c) geysers

Undersea earthquakes exposee the Japanese coastline to danger from
a) hurricanes
b) tornadoes
c) tsunamis

The people of Japan revere Mt. Fuji as an icon. People of the _______ and _______ faiths revere it as a shrine.
a) Seppuku, Christianity
b) Shinto, Buddhism
c) Animism, Latter Day Saints

What is meant by "daimyo" in Japan?
a) successful warlord
b) allegianc to the country
c) powerful territorial lords

Identify several of the basic samurai characteristics as shown in Hagakure.
a) The education of children
b) Keep Cool, Silence is best
c) There is always room for improvement
d) All of the above.

From what country did the Japanese get their method of writing?
a) Canada
b) China
c) Russia

Name the shogun who began in 1603 who finally unified the Japanese states.
a) Noh
b) Tokagawu
c) Ikebana

______________ is a traditional Japanese weapon originally used by farmers as rice thrashers. It is used as a weapon to block attacks and trap an opponents weapons or wrists.
a) Nunchaku
b) Bo
c) Sai

The most popular sport in Japan is
a) ping pong
b) baseball
c) basketball

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