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In a Japanese marriage ceremony, what is traditionally worn by the bride and groom?
a) buckskin dress and loin cloth
b) kimona
c) tuxedo and white gown

About four fifths of the land in Japan is / are
a) hilly or mountaineous
b) flat plains
c) desert

Japanese warriors, who were known by the term _______, placed great emphasis on the virtues of bravery, honor, self-discipline, and stoical acceptance of death.
a) Bushido
b) Shogun
c) Samurai

The prime virtue in the Japanese feudal system was
a) loyalty
b) legalistic
c) political

Family lineage and honor were of great importance in medieval Japanese society, because _____ determined power and prestige as well as ownership as property.
a) Clans
b) Wealth
c) Inheritance

The Japanese warriors expected their women to be
a) tough
b) fragile
c) inferior

Japan is considered an archipelago. What is an archipelago
a) an island
b) a peninsula
c) a cluster of islands

What is the highest geographical point in Japan?
a) Mt. St. Helens
b) Mt. Fuji
c) Hakone

What city is the capital of Japan?
a) Tokyo
b) Honshu
c) Kyushu

The ____ is on the south and east of Japan and the ____ is on the north and west of Japan.
a) Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan
b) Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico
c) Indian Ocean, Panama Canal

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