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When is a work copyrighted?
a) As soon as it's printed, written down, recorded, or saved in any digital format (like a computer)
b) After you register it with your government's copyright office
c) As soon as you write © and the date on it
d) After you register it with your government\'s copyright office

For a work to be protectable under copyright, it must
a) Be clear and precise.
b) Include a Copyright Notice
c) Be of professional quality
d) Be fixed in a tangible form of expression

A teacher may show a DVD of a blockbuster movie
a) to reward his/her class for good behavior.
b) as part of an activity where students raise funds for a field trip
c) as part of an enrichment exercise
d) to reward his/her class for academic achievement

A English teacher has a textbook that she thinks would be ideal for her students. However, the school cannot afford to buy a class set. The teacher may
a) legally make multiple copies of stories from the textbook for use in class
c) not copy the story for her students
d) legally make one copy of a story she likes and post it on the Internet for students to use

Which of the following is NOT a consideration for fair use?
a) Amount used
b) Effect of use on the potential market
c) State copyright policy
d) Purpose and character of use

A student wants to use a popular song for a video he is creating for a class assignment. The best advice to give him would be
a) to go ahead and use the whole song
b) choose another song
c) use only 10 seconds of the song
d) use only a minute of a song

A student makes a video collage of the most popular movies of the past few years, which she will then post on youtube. Provided she keeps the clips short, this is fair use because
a) it is transformative
b) the movies are no longer copyrighted
c) it is only for classroom use
d) the movies are no longer copyrighted

A teacher uses clipart from the Internet for a class PowerPoint presentation. Is this fair use?
a) Yes
d) No

All of the following are controversies concerning copyright law EXCEPT
a) Indigenous practices are not covered by law
b) Whether ideas can be owned or not
c) Clipart in PowerPoint presentations
d) Free downloads of music

When in doubt about copyright law, an educator should
a) request permission from the author of a work
b) follow district policy
c) consult a lawyer
d) go ahead and use the work

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