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What was the main cause of the French Revolution?
a) The disagreement over class inequality
b) A change in religous beliefs
c) A party in France

What is a monarchy?
a) A king or queen ruling a nation
b) Nationalism
c) A democratic government

What is a estate?
a) The class stystem in France
b) A big house
c) An auction

Which estate was the largest in France?
a) The third estate
b) The first estate
c) The second estate

Which group of people belonged to the First Estate?
a) nobility and clergy
b) nobility and pesants
c) middle class

What was the bourgeoisie?
a) The middle class
b) The upper class
c) The lower class

What was the Reign of Terror?
a) The execution of anyone who spoke out against the government
b) The best horror movies ever created
c) The killing of the ruling class

Who declared himself the emperor of France?
a) Napoelon Bonaparte
b) Julius Cesar
c) Martin Luther

What was the result of the French Revolution?
a) Many people were killed and the revolt was a waste of time
b) Napoleon stepped down as leader
c) The people got what they wanted

What is absolute rule?
a) When a dictator is in power and no one has a say in government
b) When no one wants to rule
c) When the people become a democracy

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