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When ice melts
a) a phase change occurs from a solid phase to liquid phase
b) all answers are correct
c) the water changes from a crystalline solid to a liquid
d) an endothermic process occurs which requires energy

When water freezes
a) a phase change occurs from a liquid phase to a solid phase
b) all answers are correct
c) the liquid water changes from a random structure to a crystalline solid
d) an exothermic process occurs where energy is lost from ice to the surroundings

Which statement is not true.
a) to change from a solid to a liquid requires energy
b) in a solid the molecules have no motion, and no energy.
c) solids and liquids have similar densities because particles of solids and liquids both touch
d) depending upon the temperature, water can exist in solid, liquid or gas states

Lightning is best classified as :
a) plasma
b) gas
c) solid
d) liquid

The Bose- Enstein phase of matter occurs closest to what temperature?
a) boiling point of water
b) 10,000 degrees F
c) absolute zero
d) freezing point of water

Gases have
a) no definite volume or shape
b) atoms that do not move at all
c) a definite volume and shape
d) a definite volume, but are able to change their shape by flowing.

A student is given a sample of an unknown liquid to test in a laboratory. Which of the following physical properties will be most useful to determine if the liquid is water?
a) The color of the liquid.
b) The volume of the liquid.
c) The boiling point of the liquid.
d) The mass of the liquid.

Which of the following is a chemical property of matter?
a) Melting
b) Flammability
c) Density
d) Magnetism

When salt dissolves in water, the water is the
a) solvent.
b) solution.
c) solubility.
d) solute.

The temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas.
a) Condensation point
b) Boiling point
c) Freezing point
d) Melting point

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