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“An object in motion will stay in motion unless an outside force acts upon it”…this is Newton’s ___ law of motion.
a) 3rd
b) 4th
c) 1st
d) 2nd

Friction hinders a stationary object from moving on a surface when a force is applied to it is called _______ friction.
a) Static
b) Bumping
c) Sliding
d) Rolling

How quickly an object moves or changes position is called ____.
a) speed
b) momentum
c) acceleration
d) velocity

Which of the following is not a long-range force?
a) Magnetism
b) Electricity
c) Gravity
d) Air pressure

Motion only occurs if the forces acting on it are ____.
a) Balanced
b) Unbalanced
c) Equal
d) In motion

Displacement compared to another object is called ______.
a) restrictive motion
b) motion
c) relative motion
d) force

Acceleration is ___________________
a) a change in momentum
b) a change in force
c) a change in speed
d) a change in velocity

The acceleration of gravity is __________________ m/s/s.
a) 14.70
b) 8.9
c) 9.8
d) 9.23

The force that opposes motion is ___________________.
a) Stopping force
b) friction
c) relative motion
d) acceleration

A force that can cause an object’s motion to change without direct contact is called a ______.
a) positive force
b) dimensional force
c) Long range forces
d) contact force

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